Scott and Theo - Life
Scott and Theo - Life

Wedding Guest FAQ's 2

Q: When will Scott and Theo be at Walt Disney World?

A: We will be at WDW from Oct 3 - 9 and can't wait to spend time at the Most Magical Place on Earth with our loved ones!


Q: How will I get to the wedding and back to my hotel after the brunch?

A: Disney will provide a private mini motor coach will transport our guests from their Disney hotels to the wedding venue, between the wedding and brunch venues, and back to their hotels after the brunch.  If you won't be staying at a Disney hotel on the wedding day, then please contact us so we can make arrangements for you to get to/from the wedding.


Q: I'll have a car.  Can I drive myself to Epcot for the wedding and brunch to follow?

A: It is preferable that you do not.  Firstly, the wedding will take place in the World Showcase section of Epcot before this section of the park opens.  Furthermore, you will enter and leave the World Showcase from a "backstage" entrance.  As covered previously, transportation to/from the wedding will be provided.


Q: Since the wedding will be in Epcot, will a theme park ticket be necessary?

A: Not for the wedding itself, since it will take place in the World Showcase section of Epcot before this section of the park opens.  Naturally, if you do plan on going to the parks later that day after the wedding, then you will need a ticket.


Q: Will there be any other wedding-day events after the brunch?

A: As much as we love cake, we thought it would be a little too early for it at a morning wedding or at brunch!  Instead, we thought it would be special to invite everyone over that evening to our 1-bedroom villa at Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort (adjacent to the Magic Kingdom theme park) to have a slice of wedding cake for dessert and watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from Bay Lake Tower (no theme park ticket needed).  We can't think of a better way to end our wedding day!


Q: Cake at your place sounds like fun! How do I get to Bay Lake Tower?

A: Disney doesn't offer direct transportation between its hotels (except for the resorts served by the monorail), just between hotels and theme parks (or between the theme parks).  Fortunately, Bay Lake Tower is within walking distance of the Magic Kingdom park, so you can easily take Disney transportation to the Magic Kingdom and then walk over to Bay Lake Tower.   It's literally the closest building to the Magic Kingdom - look east once you get there!



Q: How do I get to/from the Orlando airport to my Disney hotel?

A: If you'll be staying at a Disney owned and operated hotel, then Disney provides free shuttle service to and from the Orlando International Airport called Disney's Magical Express (DME).  If you're a member of the wedding party and are making your own air travel arrangements, then please send us your air itinerary so we can forward this information to our travel agent so she can make the DME reservations on your behalf.  You can find more information about Disney's Magical Express here:


Q: What about wedding gifts? 

A: No gifts, please...really, we're serious! We realize that having to attend a destination wedding is enough of a disruption in your lives, so your presence is truly the best gift you could give us.  If you want to do something special for us, then ride The Haunted Mansion with Theo and Splash Mountain with Scott. 

This is what the day looks like for now - As we learned from Jeff and Michael's amazing wedding - we're staying flexible!