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Scott and Theo - Life

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On any given day a friend will text and say they are at DisneyLand or Disney World for the first time.  The text won't have any questions like 'what should I ride or see?'; it can just say 'thought of you'.  Both Scott and I get a lot of text like this because if you know us, you know we are unapologetically Disney Park obsessed (One of us more so than the other, but I will let you decide who that is.) If I've had a lot of coffee that day I get overly excited and I start to text my friend back immediately with suggestions and commands.  After accessing that "he (or she) didn't ask for help and to calm the heck down”, it came to me write it down in one place.  This page is an attempt at just that.  However,  anything I could write would be reinventing the wheel.  I am just an amateur compared to others who make it their living and vocation. So while we each have a "Top 5" list (COMING SOON)  to see at each park, I am going to post links to 'must reads' for planning.  Our amazing friends, Shannon Albert and Casey Starnes both have done all the heavy lifting when it comes to detailed planning basics and more advanced research into both Parks. So if you are one of those unsuspecting folks who may or may not actually asked for some help or tips about a Disney trip – this page is start.


LINKS TO Disney Parks Travel Tips and Planning - Our favorite sites and things to do.

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